Our manufacturing method

Before offering a new propolis-based product, Alvéolys undertakes, at each manufacturing stage, to meet 2 requirements: quality and safety.

The manufacture of propolis-based products

1. Selection of the producing partner

The design of a quality propolis-based product requires rigorous selection of raw materials. Alvéolys works with many French propolis producers guaranteeing beekeeping practices that respect bees and the environment.

2. Harvesting propolis

• Installation of grids in spring

• When the honey is harvested in summer, the grids are stored away from light in a cold room.

• Once the propolis becomes rigid by the cold, it easily detaches from the grids, forming flakes of raw propolis.

• These flakes are subject to analysis guaranteeing the health quality of our raw propolis.

3. Product design

Prior to the development of a new propolis-based product, the Alvéolys team pharmacist carries out bibliographic research on propolis. He is thinking about galenic innovations that make it possible to highlight the natural properties of honey and propolis. It reserves the right to add, if it deems it necessary, relevant essential oils or dry plant extracts to complete the formula of the products placed on the market. He also attaches great importance to the quality of the excipients.

4. Marketing of products

After being packaged and before being marketed, our propolis-based products are subject to flavonoid research. Their marketing is also accompanied by the drafting of a file intended for the authorities, in accordance with the legislation in force for food supplements. These strict procedures aim to guarantee the safety and quality of each product. More and more pharmacies in France now offer our propolis-based products.

Delivery in 48/72 hours

Delivery is free from 65€ of order.

French design and manufacturing

Our products come from our laboratory in Brittany.

Selection of French beekeepers

Having a practice that respects bees and the environment

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