Our history

Propolis is a biological synergy that forms the link between the plant world and the animal world
Pascal Martin, founder of Alvéolys

The origin of Alvéolys

There is the meeting of a beekeeper engaged in the development of hive products, and a pharmacist passionate about the benefits of natural substances. In 2007, they decided to commit to giving a proper place to the forgotten treasures that bees offer us. Alvéolys develops and distributes food supplements based on propolis and honey.

As part of Alvéolys

Carry out continuous monitoring of propolis

Select your propolis producers with the greatest care

Offer products with the highest levels of propolis on the market

Inform the general public and train health practitioners on the benefits of propolis


Delivery in 48/72 hours

Delivery is free from 65€ of order.

French design and manufacturing

Our products come from our laboratory in Brittany.

Selection of French beekeepers

Having a practice that respects bees and the environment

Secure payment

We use SSL encryption for secure payments