The benefits of green propolis

His origin

Green propolis is a resinous, gummy, balsamic substance collected by bees from the bark and buds of certain plants or trees. The color of propolis is defined by the pigments concentrated in the resins that bees collect.
In Brazil and more precisely in the Paranà Region, bees collect Baccharis Dracunculifolia (or field rosemary) which produces a green resin.

The benefits :

The benefits of this propolis have been known and recognized for many years, particularly in Japan where it is registered by the pharmacopoeia.
The properties of green propolis are very numerous. It is characterized by a high content of artepillin C, one of its phenolic components. This propolis is the subject of numerous scientific publications and is of increasing interest to the medical profession.

The product we recommend:

Alvéolys, one of the precursors of green propolis in France, offers you its food supplement strongly dosed with 200mg pure propolis per capsule: green propolis from Brazil .

green propolis from brazil produces benefits of propolis

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