The benefits of propolis for the skin

Propolis has unsuspected protective and restorative properties. Particularly beneficial benefits for your skin. Let us tell you about the incredible benefits of propolis for the skin. 

Why is propolis so beneficial for the skin? 

Propolis to repair the skin 

When the skin is faced with the cold of winter, pollution or air conditioning, cosmetic treatments with propolis, whether for the face or body, or even for the lips, will work miracles! There's nothing like propolis lip balm to repair and prevent infections in cases of chapped skin.

Propolis cream will also contribute to the healing of small wounds, thanks to its incredible ability to disinfect and tighten skin tissues, thus preventing infections. 

Propolis to preserve the youthfulness of the skin 

Rich in flavonoids, propolis is a bee product that is particularly useful in helping the skin to regenerate. It is therefore perfect in facial and body care to nourish the epidermis and preserve it from its natural aging. Its protective properties offer an appreciable anti-aging action to keep beautiful, firm and smooth skin for as long as possible.

Propolis to calm skin problems 

Propolis is also useful for sensitive skin suffering from eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Thanks to its flavonoid content which is coupled with its analgesic properties, it not only helps the skin to regenerate, but also relieves discomfort.

Propolis is also an active ingredient recommended to calm the pain linked to inflammation in cases of herpes.

If you are parents, this substance will prove effective on your baby's skin. It is recommended, among other things, to relieve diaper rash. 

Propolis to fight acne 

It is particularly recommended for dull complexions, prone to imperfections and acne. Propolis has purifying and cleansing properties. Its action against imperfections in combination to oily skin is quickly visible. It also soothes redness and feelings of discomfort.

Propolis also for the body

Propolis is particularly recommended after hair removal to comfort the skin and avoid irritation, in particular to calm shaving burns.

Advice from Alvéolys 

Alvéolys has solutions that allow you to take care of your skin according to the desired benefits.

Concentrated propolis extract


For the skin, it is possible to use it in the form of a concentrated propolis extract directly on the area to be treated, but also internally to make the most of the benefits of propolis. The concentrated propolis extract will be useful for each skin problem listed above.


Propolis lip balm


There's nothing like propolis lip balm to repair and prevent infections in cases of chapped skin.


Propolis moisturizing cream 


For body care, applying a moisturizing propolis cream quickly relieves the sensations of itching, tingling and heating that may be felt after hair removal.

But our moisturizing cream based on propolis will also be useful for your face, to preserve your youth, fight against acne or any other skin problems. 

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