The benefits of brown propolis

Propolis (in Greek: in front of the city) is a resinous and balsamic substance collected by bees from the buds and bark of certain trees. In Western Europe, propolis mainly comes from poplar trees, hence its brown color. Propolis constitutes real health protection for the hive against the risks of microbial contamination.

The history of brown propolis

Used for therapeutic purposes since Ancient Egypt, brown propolis is above all a protection for our hives. Mainly produced in Europe, it is the most widespread on the continent, because it comes in particular from poplars, but also from firs, birches, willows, etc. A hive can produce between 100 grams and 1 kilo of propolis per year, which makes it a rare product that requires a lot of work from our friends the bees.

The benefits of brown propolis

  • Brown propolis is a natural substance produced by bees.
  • Its molecules such as flavonoids allow it to fight infections.
  • Brown propolis also helps increase the production of antibodies in your metabolism.
  • It allows your wounds to heal more quickly.
  • Brown propolis is also an excellent remedy against coughs , fevers, but also against respiratory infections and infections of the ENT sphere .

Products we recommend

Alvéolys offers many products based on brown propolis: a propolis concentrate extract and a beekeeper's mouth spray with propolis for example. All these products, being based on brown propolis, are in high demand on the market and are therefore part of our flagship products thanks to their benefits.


Alvéolys’ expertise

For optimal effectiveness, brown poplar propolis has a very high concentration since our extract serving as the basis for our production is titrated at 35 % of pure propolis. Our propolis concentrate a large quantity polyphenols, plant molecules being the subject of numerous medical researches highlighting interesting pharmacological properties (antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant).

Rigorously harvested by a network of dedicated and trained beekeepers, propolis offers optimal health quality with the greatest respect for beekeeping practices.

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