Propolis and apitherapy

In collaboration with Dr. Lilian Ceballos - Pharmacologist - independent researcher - teacher at the Lyon school of medicinal plants.

The origins of apitherapy

Since prehistoric times, bees have been known to make what we now call hive treasures . Propolis, pollen, honey and even royal jelly are precious substances secreted, collected and transformed by bees.

Apitherapy is an ancestral technique which consists of healing yourself, or taking care of yourself, using substances produced by bees. Indeed, throughout history, man has always used natural products made up of a complex mixture of active substances. This is evidenced by the wall frescoes of the Spider Cave (near Valencia, Spain) dating back 9000 years representing a woman collecting honey.

honey harvest wall fresco

Source: ResearchGate

The benefits of apitherapy

Apitherapy is therefore a practice which consists of using hive products for therapeutic purposes. It is of particular interest not only in rich countries, but especially in disadvantaged countries.

“The therapeutic availability, effectiveness and safety of beehive products make them an essential tool to fight against the pathologies of the 21st century.”

Dr. Lilian Ceballos

Therapies based on natural products can present themselves as a beneficial alternative .

The benefits of propolis in apitherapy 

By using propolis, it is a question of preventing or curing various inconveniences by carrying out treatments of varying duration. 

Propolis is a resource very rich in active ingredients , which help to boost the body and strengthen its natural defenses. It allows you to regain tone and vitality by providing different solutions to small everyday ailments. 

In addition, each hive product also has cosmetic virtues. Propolis is particularly an excellent purifier for the skin.

The use of propolis in apitherapy


To treat genital herpes, accelerate the healing of wounds in the oral mucosa, or even prevent cavities, protect dental plaque, and treat gingivitis. 


To prevent and treat respiratory tract infections and other parasitic infections (intestinal and vaginal infections).

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