Propolis against skin infections

With the sunny days, you will undoubtedly enjoy the sea, the swimming pool, walks on the sunny beaches! The first skin infections also arrive, favored by heat, humidity and perspiration. These skin infections can take the form of mycoses, impetigo or even cellulitis.

How can propolis heal you?

For years, medical research has highlighted new pharmacological properties of propolis, particularly for treating skin infections.

Indeed, propolis is very concentrated in flavonoids (natural plant pigments), molecules from the polyphenol family with suitable properties: anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antifungal, antiviral. Propolis helps fight skin infections in summer, but obviously all year round too.

How to get rid of these very unpleasant skin infections?

Alvéolys offers you its cream with brown propolis and organic essential oils.

Our cream, without preservatives, very highly titrated in propolis on a base of ORGANIC jojoba oil (nourishing, non-greasy, healing and calming) in synergy with 3 ORGANIC essential oils particularly targeted for skin problems (anti-inflammatory, antifungals, antivirals, soothing, calming).


Alvéolys recommendations

For optimal use, apply morning and evening to the area to be treated for greater effectiveness. You can use this cream as a sun repair treatment (non-photosensitizing essential oils) and as a moisturizer for daily use.

Also to be taken as a treatment, orally, at a rate of 2 capsules per day, our concentrated brown poplar propolis.

If irritation or inter-digital redness, apply brown propolis in alcoholic extract to the skin with a cotton swab 1 to 2 times a day.

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