Discovering Propolis

The definition


For millennia, bees have selected and harvested from their natural plant environment all the substances necessary for the perpetuation of their species. To feed and survive, they transform them into honey, Propolis or even royal jelly... Let's get to know this precious substance, a true natural alchemy developed by bees. Etymologically, the word Propolis means: "in front of the city" and evokes a notion of general protection.


Propolis is a complex made by bees from their secretions and a series of resinous, gummy and balsamic substances. It is harvested by foragers from the bark of conifers (pines, firs, spruces) or the buds of poplars, birches, oaks, plum trees and even horse chestnut trees. Bees coat the interior walls of the hive with Propolis to protect themselves from intruders and germs.


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