3 questions for Pascal Martin


Interview with Pascal MARTIN Beekeeper and founder of Alvéolys

Interview with Pascal MARTIN to learn more about Alvéolys and its products .

How was the Alvéolys brand born?

The adventure started ten years ago when I bought my first hives and discovered the virtues of propolis. I then offered a range of propolis products to certain pharmacies specializing in natural products, they embraced the innovative approach and supported me.

How do you select the propolis for Alvéolys products?

In order to support French beekeepers, we favor local propolis production and therefore a large part of our products are based on brown propolis. However, we also offer green propolis capsules from Brazil characterized by its high content of artepilin C, a phenolic acid with particularly interesting properties. All the beekeepers in our networks favor beekeeping that respects bees and the environment. For example, essential oils have replaced antibiotics in hives.

What new products will soon complete the Alvéolys range?

We are currently working on 2 new Alvéolys products: Firstly, a complex of propolis, dry plant extract and essential oil And then, a nasal spray to expand our current ENT range (launch on the market planned for this winter).

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