3 questions for Françoise Sauvager

Meeting with Françoise Sauvager

What is apitherapy?

Apitherapy is defined as the use of hive products harvested, transformed or secreted by the bee for dietary or therapeutic purposes. Apitherapy has been used by humans for almost 5,000 years. Among the products of the hive, we can cite honey, pollen or propolis which are collected and then transformed by the bees or even royal jelly, venom or wax which are secreted by the bees.

Why is propolis so beneficial for health?

Due to its extraordinary concentration of polyphenols, including certain phenolic acid esters (currently widely studied in oncology) and numerous flavonoids, propolis, which contains nearly 300 active ingredients, benefits from very extensive therapeutic potential. It is also considered a medicine in Switzerland and Germany and the WHO has included it in the Nutrition and Health program.

How to take propolis?

Propolis is available in several forms: in spray, in ointments, in gums, in alcoholic tinctures, in syrups, in ovules, in eye drops, in suppositories, etc. Depending on your symptoms, your pharmacist will be able to guide your choice and recommend the dosage and dosage. method of administration that will suit you best. Don't hesitate to ask him for advice.

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